What makes us tick

We are driven by results
We are successful, independent, and only work on projects that promise to create real benefits for our clients.

Results & conviction creates trust
We only carry out projects whose feasibility & results we ourselves are convinced of.

Trust leads to success
Lasting success is inconceivable without trusting collaboration with our clients.

What we stand for

Loyalty to the client is our expression of the commitment to the tasks undertaken by LOGIKA managers. Our way of working, broad experience and proven methods are the basis of our efficient project performance.


A well-defined & coordinated solution concept is our trademark: At the start of the project, the solution and project results are developed as the basis for our order! Our project work ensures goal-oriented and effective implementation of concrete measures to increase and sustainably secure corporate success.


Every LOGIKA manager is a committed team player. Trusting collaboration with our clients’ teams is a key factor for success. Jointly developed solution concepts are the basis for long-term success.

Industry experience

Every LOGIKA manager has extensive industry and management experience. In line with their seniority, LOGIKA managers combine technical, project and management expertise with social skills. LOGIKA managers are selected based on the specific needs of each project.


LOGIKA managers are passionate about the success of their client projects! Our intent is to create real added value for our clients, and yes, we go the extra mile to be successful.

Effective implementation

As practitioners, we plan implementable measures. We have already successfully solved comparable tasks, and yes, we remain on board until the implementation is successful or as long as you wish.


LOGIKA has been working for its clients for over 40 years. An average of 8 projects per client is proof of our reliability. Every partner stands behind LOGIKA as a manager and shareholder.

USE OUR valuable network

LOGIKA consists of 6 partners and a pool of freelance managers. LOGIKA stands for tailor-made solutions. We achieve this by deploying the most suitable team members for your case. All managers assigned to our projects have already successfully worked on and implemented similar tasks several times in their professional lives. This enables us to guarantee a high-quality solution and sustainable implementation.

LOGIKA managers and partners are also constantly developing their skills on assignments for our clients, who are among the best in their industries. We are happy to provide our clients with this network to reflect on their situation and develop options for action. We have experience and enjoy working together to tackle business challenges and develop smart and successful solutions.

LOGIKA’s core competence is solving complex and challenging tasks

All of our projects are unique, yet they have one thing in common: they require decisive, fast and well-informed action.

Crisis Management

In the face of a crisis, swift and decisive action is paramount. Drawing on our extensive industry experience, we excel in promptly stabilizing disrupted processes and meticulously identifying the root causes.

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Opportunity Realization

Recognizing opportunities involves unlocking untapped potential and leveraging all available paths to achieve future success. These include a range of strategies, such as developing innovative business concepts, expanding portfolios, and implementing measures to enhance profitability.

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Transformation becomes imperative when a company’s structure, processes, and culture require fundamental adjustments to meet established business objectives. LOGIKA supports strategic realignment, devising a comprehensive transformation masterplan and phased implementation towards establishing a sustainably transformed and thriving business.

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