We lead your company out of the crisis and back onto the road to success

We create transparency, identify levers for course correction, involve the relevant service providers and ensure that goals are actually achieved.

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In times of crisis, our experienced managers will stabilize the situation and solve the problem

The constantly changing requirements of the markets mean that established processes no longer deliver the required results. As a result, product development processes, production, logistics and sales are no longer efficient enough.

LOGIKA managers provide the necessary broad and deep know-how. Together with your employees, we find the right solution concepts. This involves all those involved along the entire process chain. The jointly developed solutions are implemented together.

In order to achieve the goals in addition to day-to-day business, we provide support in everyday matters – pragmatically and at all levels.

With LOGIKA’s support, you can get your company back on the road to success:

  • Our experienced managers, who have already mastered similar crises, ensure a focused and targeted solution.
  • LOGIKA’s operational implementation support is the decisive success factor.
  • Our structured cooperation with your employees ensures the sustainability of the improvements.
  • In over 1,400 projects, the LOGIKA solution concept and reliable implementation have become LOGIKA’s trademark.


Securing S&OP
  • Product development process
  • Industrialization
  • Launch and ramp-up management
  • Secure parts provision

In the product development process, constantly growing and changing requirements necessitate the adaptation of development and validation processes. LOGIKA helps to realign processes and implement them in an agile manner.

Successful industrialization is based on solid interlocking of development with production and delivery concepts. LOGIKA supports on-time implementation and corrects any deviations.

Introductions and ramp-ups are challenges with complex work structures. LOGIKA supports the securing of supply, the operational readiness of the systems and the qualification of employees.

The on-time provision of parts is the benchmark for successful commissioning and ramp-ups. LOGIKA ensures this through robust measures and targeted corrections in the event of deviations.

Supply chain & procurement stabilization
  • Purchasing stabilization
  • Supplier management and development
  • Material management and logistics
  • Security of supply

Inadequate material planning, unstable delivery schedules, system errors, etc. lead to delivery gaps. LOGIKA stabilizes the purchasing processes and thus ensures security of supply.

Good purchasing prices are often achieved by suppliers whose performance does not meet the requirements. LOGIKA’s supplier management helps to quickly achieve the required performance level together.

Inadequate material management and errors in logistics jeopardize delivery capability and overall output. The needs-based planning of inventories and parts calls as well as the stabilization of logistics ensure supply.

Delivery bottlenecks and stagnating supply chains endanger the timely supply of materials. The expansion of alternative sources of supply and delivery routes as well as the qualification of existing suppliers ensure supply.

Productions performance stabilization
  • Planning and control
  • Process stabilization, increasing efficiency
  • Overcoming quality crises
  • Securing output

Balanced planning and control takes market requirements into account as well as efficient production. LOGIKA supports everything from Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) to daily production planning. This ensures market supply that meets demand through efficient production and supply processes.

Unstable processes lead to poor efficiency, scheduling and quality issues. LOGIKA stabilizes production and supply processes and ensures on-time, “right-first-time” production with high efficiency.

Uncontrolled quality means poor efficiency and profitability as well as customer complaints. LOGIKA quickly creates transparency and relies on “right-first-time” processes. This means we can quickly lead your company out of the quality crisis.

Insufficient output leads to production downtime for customers and high claims for recourse. In addition, the company image take a heavy hit. LOGIKA takes immediate action to quickly improve the supply situation. A second, often parallel step, sustainably optimizes output and efficiency.

Safeguarding sales performance
  • Overcoming sales crises
  • Stabilize sales partnerships
  • Optimize product portfolio
  • Liquidity initiatives

Sales crises have a variety of causes: overlooked technical developments, new competitors, shifts in demand, etc. LOGIKA supports you in quickly analyzing the causes and works with you to develop a crisis management plan and supports you in its implementation.

Sales partnerships are a proven model for efficiently covering a value chain. Imbalances in this area can easily endanger the existence of a company. The development of alternative options for action, combined with structured risk and benefit assessments, creates the basis for stabilizing existing and new sales partnerships.

Managing the product portfolio is a crucial lever for company success. Its optimization is based on the consistent pursuit and focus on large/breakthrough projects. The balance between short-term and long-term projects is another success criterion.

Liquidity crises are extremely critical challenges. LOGIKA takes this aspect into account in sales projects through appropriate liquidity initiatives such as inventory optimization, shortening lead times and receivables management.

Industries and Clients

Our clients are leading industrial groups and medium-sized companies from diverse, generally technology-oriented industries.

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
Raw Materials Industry & Metal Processing
Technical Services
Mechanical & Plant Engineering
Consumer & Industrial Goods


Our references present a selection of successful LOGIKA projects in all business areas. They describe individual cases to give you an impression of our approach and the results we have achieved.

All client cases

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Project management for industrialization
Konsum- und Industriegüter
Ramp-up and process optimization of the main plant in Monterrey, Mexico
Valeo Siemens eAutomotive
Daimler products and systems launch management
Valeo Siemens eAutomotive
Corporate management as global head of manufacturing and logistics

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