Wolf-Michael Hannemann

Managing Partner LOGIKA and project leader specialising in production, materials management, start-up and ramp-up management, strategy, business process reengineering, and restructuring.

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Restructuring, management and establishment of several production plants worldwide

Materials management:
Process management
Purchasing and materials management internationalisation

Start-up management:
Supplier management in international projects
System supplier management in revamp and ramp-up projects

Market launch and relaunch

Business process reengineering:
Business activation and logistics
JIT process design

Career milestones (selection)

Valmet Automotive Inc., Uusikaupunki, Finland
Senior Vice President, Member of the Executive Board, Chairman of the Board for Valmet Automotive GmbH, Osnabrück

Management of the roof division acquired by Karmann for convertible roof systems. Consolidation of plants in Osnabrück in Germany and Zary in Poland. Strategic orientation of the Valmet Group’s roof division. Management group purchasing towards significant materials cost reductions.

Webasto AG:
Vice president of production, logistics, technology; responsible for Europe, North America and Asia
CEO of a new business division
Group Purchasing Manager

Phoenix Contact D, CN, PL and Carl Zeiss Göttingen:
Materials Management Manager

Professional training

Professional training:
Wholesale and foreign trade specialist

Higher academic qualifications:
Business Studies at the Administration and Business Academy of Göttingen. Graduation: Business Studies (VWA)

Thomas H. Hofbauer

Managing Partner LOGIKA and project leader with core-competencies in strategy & business development, process re-engineering and large transformations/post-merger integrations.

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Growth, organizational & technology strategies, strategic business alignment & portfolio optimization, M&A support

Efficiency & effectiveness programs, management screening & assessment, make or buy decisions

Business Process Re-engineering
Business process re-engineering and change programs

Large transformation projects, post-merger integration, organizational & legal reorganization

Career milestones (selection)

THE Navigator
Founder/Partner, business consulting for the German “Mittelstand” with focus on turn-around & transformation management

Equity Partner, Head of Technology & Business Transformation Group for Germany, Switzerland, Austria

Andersen Consulting
From Senior Consultant to Equity Partner, member of the Strategy Group with focus on Telecom, Media & Technology (TMT)

Professional training

Master in Business Administration, University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, Canada
Master in Computer Science, Minor Theor. Medicine, Technical University Munich (TUM), Munich

Engineering College
Bachelor in Communication Engineering & Electronics (Ing.), HTL Mödling, Austria

Dr. Stephan Schmidt

Managing Partner LOGIKA and project manager specialising in turnarounds, business activation, supplier and project management.

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Portfolio and supply chain optimisation, optimising efficiency along the value chain, economic and structural measures, insourcing and outsourcing

Business activation:
Market positioning, new business development, product and technology roll-outs, joint ventures, M&A

Supplier management:
Bottleneck and start-up management, production relocation, process optimisation, troubleshooting

Project management:
Project management in various industries such as packaging, chemicals, machine engineering, metal processing, steel industry, automotive

Career milestones (selection)

W.R. Grace & Co. und The InterTech Group:
R&D Key Project Leader, Cambridge USA
Asia Pacific Technical Service Manager
Director New Business and Product Line Manager

Professional training

Chemistry, University of Hamburg, specialisation in technical and macromolecular chemistry. Graduation: Dipl.-Chemiker, PhD at the Department of Chemistry & DESY

Peter Selnar

Managing Partner LOGIKA and project leader specialising in strategy, marketing and sales, business process reengineering, and restructuring.

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Development and management of globally active business units
EMEA strategies in growth and disinvestment fields, including implementation

Marketing & sales:
Sales promotion by realigning global business units
Optimising efficiency in B2B sales organisations

Business process reengineering:
Process reengineering in globally active companies
Reengineering maintenance processes

Restructuring EMEA logistics organisations
Optimising warehousing and shipping, including implementation

Career milestones (selection)

Rhodia SA, France:
Member of the Board of Directors at Rhodia Engineering Plastics SA, Head of Consumer & Industrial Goods
Sole Director at Rhodia Engineering Plastics Deutschland GmbH

Saint Gobain SA, France:
Sole Director at Vetrotex Reinforcement GmbH, Central & Northern Europe
Vetrotex Deutschland GmbH: Head of Sales and Technical Customer Support in Germany and Austria

Rehau AG, Germany:
Head of Marketing (worldwide) in the home appliances business division

Professional training

Business Studies at the Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg specialising in Marketing, Industrial Management and Finance. Graduation: Diplom-Kaufmann univ.

Gerhard Steinbach
Founder and Director

Managing Partner LOGIKA and project leader specialising in strategy, business activation, logistics, production, and restructuring.

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Focusing the solution business on market needs, innovation, industry solutions
Establishing units for modularisation and standardisation

Marketing & sales:
Business activation in challenging market situations
Increasing operative earnings in unprofitable operations
Weeding out loss-making operations

Business process reengineering:
Integrated organisational systems from customer order to delivery
Holistic failsafe IT solutions and computer-aided machine automation
Modularisation and standardisation, increasing efficiency and service range

Restructuring and financial clean-up:
Restructuring supply chains
Restructuring and financial clean-up operations

Career milestones (selection)

Foundation and development of the company
Solution planning and customer care
Board of Directors

SCS GmbH (BP software and systems supplier):
Project management in ORG, IT and automation projects (integrated ORG-IT systems from order management to shipment)
Developing and managing industrial operations
Overall business management.

ZUSE KG (BBC, Siemens):
Project management in organisation and IT projects
Application development management for industrial IT installations, including sales

Professional training

Higher academic qualifications:
Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering

Dr. Jobst Volger

Managing Partner LOGIKA and project manager specialising in production, process management, restructuring, start-up management and business process optimisation.

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Restructuring, management and establishment of several production plants worldwide

Project management:
Development and implementation of production and supplier management concepts
Planning and implementing turnkey production units
Production unit design and restructuring as well as relocation

Start-up management:
Start-up and ramp-up project management for OEMs and systems suppliers
Production integration in the product development process
Improving production readiness and start-up capability
Supplier qualification and management

Business process optimisation:
Process chain and value chain optimisation
Organisational development and complexity management

Career milestones (selection)

BMW Group:
Overall concept manager for production at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars
Director (VP) of the assembly plant in Oxford
Director (VP) of start-up management and plant projects at the Oxford Mini plant
Head of vehicle technology projects in assembly and logistics
Head of technical and operational management at the Gießerei Landshut foundry

Professional training

Mechanical Engineering, RWTH Aachen University, specialising in Marine Ship and Ocean Engineering. Graduation: Dipl.-Ing.
Doctorate, Machine Tools Laboratory and Production Engineering at RWTH Aachen University. Graduation: Dr.-Ing.

Kerstin Zettinig
Head of office management

Contact in all organisational and scheduling matters.

Phone: +49 (8102) 779 56-0
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Further LOGIKA Managers

We have more than fifty experienced LOGIKA managers to form a solid basis for a successful project, and all of our managers have already established themselves with extensive international experience in renowned companies. Our managers operate to targets in earnings and growth, showing compelling technical, methodological and social and leadership skills in each of their projects.

LOGIKA managers excel in:

  • High integration, motivation and leadership qualities
  • Innovative spirit and assertiveness
  • Methodical working approach and client-specific solutions
  • Sound expertise from various industries and specialisations
  • Qualified education: doctorates, double degrees, international degrees and extensive language skills