Excerpt from the Mission Statement of LOGIKA

LOGIKA is a goal-oriented management partner for the 
increase in margins and turnover

LOGIKA provides holistic management – 
from the concept to its implementation

LOGIKA is an independent service provider that with teams of experienced managers brings highly demanding projects safely to the finish

  • We are a community of managers with extensive managerial experience
  • Our success is based on the implementation of highly demanding projects based on solution concepts worked out together with customers
  • We are generalists and our areas of activity include strategy & business activation, efficiency enhancement, business process optimisation, project management, transformation as well as transaction support
  • We are economically independent. The company’s success is beneficial exclusively to the active partners and employees

The LOGIKA values are based on performance and truthfulness 

  • We are successful, independent and work only on projects that present a benefit for the customer
  • Success is based on trust. Without a trusting cooperation with our customers permanent success is not conceivable
  • Trust comes from truthfulness. We only carry out projects of whose feasibility and success we are convinced. In doing so, we measure ourselves by success
  • Loyalty to the customer is an expression of commitment to the tasks undertaken by LOGIKA managers

LOGIKA’s experienced managers find the goal-oriented solution approach and bring the highly demanding project safely to the finish

  • All LOGIKA managers are selected according to the specific requirements of each project. LOGIKA falls back on partners, parties and freelancers
  • The coordinated solution concept is our trademark:
    at the start of the project, the solution and project result are the basis for launching!
  • Our project work guarantees goal-oriented and recognised in income implementation of concrete measures for an enduring protection and increase in the corporate success

LOGIKA overcomes challenges in the central functions and/or problem areas of medium and large companies:

    • Focus on markets, customers & customer benefits
    • Business activation 
    • Innovation management
    • Increased productivity
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Supplier management 
    • Reduction of delivery/process times 
    • Business process and organization optimisation
    • Start-up and run-up management 
    • Capacity optimisation and expansion 
    • Optimum market supply from the production network
    • Transaction support

In the focus of our activities are the following branches:

    • Automotive and vehicle construction
    • Mechanical and plant engineering
    • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
    • Services and supply
    • Raw materials industry and metal processing
    • Industrial and consumer goods

LOGIKA projects employ a team of partner, parties and freelance colleagues. 

Freelance colleagues work for us on basis of uniform framework- and individual contracts. 

  • For freelancers, LOGIKA is a solid platform for demanding projects that are not achievable for “lone fighters”
  • LOGIKA is loyal to its freelance colleagues. This expresses itself in handling and consideration of follow-on purchases

Broad experience and proven standards are the basis of our individual and efficient project performance. 

  • Our working method is as individual as our customers. It is based on the long-term management experience of our partners and freelance colleagues who nevertheless adapt flexibly to the processes and working methods of our customers