We at LOGIKA are recruiting entrepreneurs with strong management skills and executive acumen

We serve renowned German and international companies. Top managers rely on our managerial skills and executive acumen, and increase their own entrepreneurial success with us.

We operate in project and line management, bringing innovation, planning, integration and management strength to the table in project management. We live by reliable implementation and achievement of objectives. In line management, we support companies in restructuring and financial clean-up, guiding our clients safely and sustainably away from crisis situations.

The ideal candidate will be an internationally experienced entrepreneurial talent with a top education (a double degree or doctorate would be desirable) that can demonstrate a successful career record in management and qualified project experience. The following personal qualities will characterise the ideal candidate:

  • Argumentation skills and executive acumen
  • Analytical thinking and methodical approach
  • Conceptual strength and creativity
  • Excellent social skills, goal orientation and assertiveness

Are you interested in a career with our LOGIKA managers?


Kerstin Zettinig
Head of office management