Solution specialisations

We are experienced and neutral project partners supporting our clients in interdepartmental optimisation projects such as improving sales and earnings, business process optimisation, and complex individual projects such as business activation or cutting lead and delivery times as well as working capital.

Specialisations at a glance

  • Reorientation in earnings, revenue and value-added chain: markets, customers, product ranges, production locations, supplier structure
  • Developing on customer proximity, customer portfolios and sales channels
  • Production locations, capacity adjustment, supplying the market
  • Range management, product innovation, solution innovation, Industrie 4.0
  • Business expansion with new products and custom solutions; start-up and ramp-up management; expansion in the modernisation and service business
  • Modularisation, standardisation, modules for performance enhancement and risk reduction; performance improvement in innovative development and preparation for market readiness with robust production processes
  • Increasing customer benefit using intelligent solutions with appropriate service levels in delivery times, delivery reliability, services provided and similar.
  • Business activation based on customer benefit with growth in sales and earnings for customers and non-customers
  • Reinforcing acquisition and sales performance using the LOGIKA business activation system
  • Short lead and delivery times (for high customer value and cost reduction); stockpiling essential intermediate products; inventory optimisation and high delivery
  • Optimised work allocation with system suppliers and the entire supply chain as well as supplier development, optimising the total production chain
  • Optimised manufacturing capacities, bottleneck management for shorter lead times, machine optimisation and plant efficiency, capacity adjustment
  • Quotation management – risk-opportunity optimisation, order clarification and processing
  • Production planning, optimising production batches and capacity allocation for the total production chain
  • Production control, optimised plant availability, machine operation sequence and deviation control
  • Reducing complexity, optimising the entire value chain
  • Integrated process design, consolidating activities, streamlining interdepartmental communication, optimising cross-divisional procedure organisation
  • Adjusting resources and management structure
  • Project management for the solution business
  • Support in the investment and solution business for quotations and project management, increasing likelihood of a favourable outcome by design optimisation, limiting risk by eliminating grey areas
  • Project management for quotations, offer clarification and project implementation
  • Project transparency, project controlling, claiming