Solution concepts, project management, methods

Compelling solution concepts with earnings forecast

We at LOGIKA provide powerful services towards successful business development. We will reinforce your team with top managers to turn ideas into reality together with you.

We will prepare a compelling solution concept and achieve consensus with all stakeholders as a basis decision basis before project kick-off, allowing you to reach a decision on the basis of a sound earnings forecast. This will give you a solid foundation to make your decision, ensuring the best possible business outcome from your project.

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Project management, methods and tools

We have perfected the ideal approach to project management with more than three decades of experience behind us. Each phase is tailored to each client’s requirements, from project planning and a detailed solution concept to implementation. The milestones set for the end of each project phase serve to monitor project performance.

Our tried and true methods and tools support the solution concept towards achieving the agreed objectives. The methods and tools are simple in design and easy to use, enabling a structured approach while ensuring high transparency and progress according to plan.

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